why india?

With little distractions, and a need for hope, Indians have a great desire to learn about Jesus, and there has been no greater opportunity to help spread His Word than now.


Paul Renganathan, a native Indian and medical doctor, was of the Hindu religion before converting to Christianity and giving up his standard of living to follow Jesus.  Paul began his philanthropic work in Chennai, India, by opening a Bible college followed by a medical clinic and bus, orphanages, and a Christian private school.  This incredible organized outreach touches lives by providing basic medical necessities such as free healthcare, wheelchairs, and crutches, as well as providing sewing machines and goats to widows giving them a way to provide for themselves rather than them receiving a free handout, and if they desire, they are taught about Jesus.


"Once people know you care, they care about what you know." - Douglas Hamm, Founder


Paul does extraordinary work and has helped so many people; however, raising funds to support this organization takes time away from the effort.  Therefore, Doug and Paul began working together so Paul can focus on expanding the work in India and Doug can concentrate on raising the funds needed to support the ministry.


why send the light?

Send The Light offers individuals the unique opportunity to become missionaries from their own home.


Due to language and cultural barriers as well as government restrictions, it is often difficult for organizations in other countries to raise much-needed funds.  It is also difficult for American's to give to these organizations on their own.  Send The Light bridges this gap by identifying and working with organizations whose charitable works make a positive impact allowing the continuation of their work by receiving crucial monetary assistance.


Send The Light, founded in 2009, is a 501(c)(3) allowing individuals to sponsor charitable organizations simply by making a one-time donation or by making ongoing monthly donations, even if it is nominal or limited.  These contributions, on a continual basis, large or small, help organizations stay in operation.


Although there are many individuals willing to lend their assistance,

they are often times unsure how to maximize their contribution. 

This is why Send The  Light offers seminars and educational

opportunities to show people how they can increase their gift or

give in ways they have not thought of before.


Send The Light is committed to making sure 100% of every donation goes directly to the charities and knowing exactly how the funds are being used.  Therefore, all expenses, including travel, are paid for by the founders and board members.  Douglas Hamm, founder, along with other supporters, travels  several times each year to the organizations in order to see the work first-hand.