Candy is handed out to the children by Grant and Laura - at least they are not seeing the dentist.


It take $1,050 to Operate the Bus for 3 days

- Medicine

- Doctor & Hotel

- Driver & Support Staff

- Diesel & Maintenance

Over 300 people are treated each day the bus operates.

~$1.17 per person

Many are receptive to learning about Jesus and hearing the Good News as they wait.

A villager proudly wears Grant's OSU hat while waiting.  Most wait hours to see the doctor. 


For most villagers in rural areas of India and disaster victims, the medical bus is their only access to basic forms of healthcare providing free checkups and medicine.

Doug Hamm visits with the children as they wait to see the doctor.

The children play games to pass the time while waiting for their turn to be examined by the doctor.

Bibles are distributed during the medical bus ministry.