Since Chennai is known as the city of distances, bicycles are given to ministers which reduce the tiresome work under the hot sun  of meeting believers and other daily activities.

Doug and Paul use the taxi as a way of transportation.


Students start each day with a devotional.

Graduation is held every January.

Doug is commonly seen with a towel on his shoulder to wipe his brow during his trips to India in the hot sun.

Students work the auto ministry as a way to support themselves while attending the Bible College.

The auto ministry (taxi) is used by over 10million people each day.  The gospel is shared to each passenger via cassette players and pamphlets while being transported.

WBC, located in Chennai, started in 1986 with 6 students, has grown to over 100 students from India and South Asian countries.  WBC offers a three year preachers program with an five year optional post-graduate program.